Ikea Hack Floating Vanity

So I've had this Ikea Lack bookcase for a long time, and never got around to hanging it or mounting it to the wall.    It's been in my bedroom holding books and junk, standing upright like the picture below.    

My main need/want for my bedroom has been a small acrylic table to serve as a vanity or desk, much like this previous post.    I started thinking about my space and how I could use something I already had in order to have a desk.   Then the idea came to me to finally put my Ikea Lack shelf to good use!    So I looked online for some inspiration to see if others had mounted/hung it horizontally .  I found this picture below as inspiration.
Above images via BH&G
But how would I go about hanging/mounting this sucker?   Enter my Dad.   I thought initially when I asked him to hang this for me- he would never agree to it simply because this thing is so heavy.     It took just a little convincing, but once he had it mounted with the provided hardware, he ended up being the one convincing me that it would be okay and secure.    I was sure I would hear it crashing down and ripping out of the wall in the middle of the night.    By day three or four, I was convinced this floating vanity was going nowhere!
Eventually I really started to throw whatever I needed on and in this; not worrying about the weight of it.    I made sure to have my dad mount it high enough for me to have a seat fit under it.   I still need to find a cute chair or stool that I love to go with it, but for right now my dinning room chair works.  {Just ignore the ugly cords.}  For great Ikea hack ideas and projects check out the Ikea Hackers site.   You can also check out one of my past Ikea makeovers here.


  1. Sarah-

    What a timely post! I am going to IKEA for the first.time.ever later this month and I'm already overwhelmed! I am definitely getting the bed frame you have and highly recommended to me. Any other tips or what not to miss when shopping? Hope all is well!

  2. Yes! You will be in heaven, it's the best. Give yourself multiple hours though bc its huge and just walking through the whole place takes at least an hour. Always check the "as is" section before you check out, they have great stuff there already assembled. Also plan on bringing a big car, the boxes are usually large. SUV with the seats down is best. Enjoy! You will for sure want to go back... First time can be overwhelming.