Federal Convex Mirror ...Don't Mind If I Do!

I've had my eye on these particular vintage mirrors all around the blogosphere and in many design publications for some time now.    Known as a "federal mirror", the mirror is typically convex and they are adorned with an eagle on top and 13 balls around.    Do any simple Google or Pinterest search for "federal mirror" and you will be flooded with fabulous blogs and images with beautiful inspiration. 

 I love reading about the history behind these vintage patriotic mirrors that are so popular again today.   Original antique versions of this mirror can date back to the 1800's and the 13 balls are known to represent the original 13 colonies.     However like me, you may not be in the market to purchase a costly antique.   Fortunately cheap reproductions can be found fairly easily online or in thrift shops.  

Images via BH&G and The Green Street
Image via The Selby
Images via Pure Style Home

Images via Matters of Style

Images via My Best Friend Craig

This Christmas I was so so lucky to have received my very own antique federal mirror from my sister-in-law's parents!    They have a large collection of antiques, knew that I had my eye on this particular one, and are so sweet and generous to pass it on to me.    Here is mine below, hung in my apartment pretty simply.   One day I think I will put it in a more styled setting like some of the photos above, but for now I'm  just happy owning it!

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