Lotus Looks, Sis Style, & Bachelor Pad

Images via Lotus blog
I have mentioned the Lotus boutique in Charlotte North Carolina a couple of times here on the blog.    As they are the only reseller of Sis Style Earrings, and I love our partnership.   They now have an online store and new website which I couldn't be more thrilled about, as they have some of the most unique and chic fashion options.   

Lotus has also outfitted Blakeley (a Charlotte native) from the television shows The Bachelor  and now Bachelor Pad.   If you've been watching, you have seen her sporting some super cute frocks and accessories.   I got an email recently from a fan of the show curious if she could order some earrings she saw Blakeley wearing in a recent episode.   Which obviously is so exciting to think of my little blog here getting any sliver of notoriety, clearly all thanks to Lotus!   So stay tuned as I am about to unveil a bunch of new styles!!!!

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