Opening the Time Capsule

Images via all my original artwork
Man, how the time flys by?   I recently opened up an old zip drive I had all through my college years as a Visual Arts Major at Loyola University New Orleans.   Among some important files I still need, were image apon image from my graphic design class projects.   Looking back, I really wish I would have taken my graphic design education more seriously, further, and really continued learning and creating with graphic design.    Years later, here I am with my own blog and am dying to remeber some of the techniques I learned in class and in photoshop.   

I also wish I would have started my own website/blog years ago when I was in school, documenting my experiences, memories, and interests and can only imagine what it would be like today.     Oh well...shoulda, woulda, coulda right?     If anything, I at least have these early pieces of my artwork to share here on the blog today.    Maybe I will share  more of my work in the future, but for now I am relishing in nastalgia for my college years.   Clearly my love of fashion and accessories shines through even in some of my early work! 

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