DIY Chevron Rug

Images via Hayley Anderson Photography
So I found this DIY Chevron Rug tutorial and was instantly inspired and excited, then instantly intimidated.    It looks so simple; plain white cheap Ikea rug, painters tape, latex house paint, and poof a fabulous rug!    Right?   Wrong.   The thought of painstakingly measuring so that each zig zag lines up was enough to shield me from trying this myself.    I am definitely a "non measuring" kind of girl.   I love nothing more that to jump right in to something I'm excited about and "wing it", and surprisingly more times than not, it works for me.  

I did however attempt to try something like this (measuring and all) on a scrap piece of canvas I had and it was a joke, turned out terrible.    I was totally defeated as I usually can craft most things with ease, and gave up on this DIY chevron rug pipe dream.    Until one day I decided to not stress out about the measuring and really just embrace a free-handed approach to chevron and made this fun and purposely messy chevron water color esc painting.  What do you think, do you have the nerve, patience, and energy to try the DIY chevron rug??

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  1. i actually like how yours isnt perfectly measured and think it would still be great as a rug!