Speaking of Farms.....

French Hen Farm

Tomorrow my mom, grandma, and I will be attending a shabby chic style barn sale at French Hen Farm!  Check out the French Hen Farm blog, and you can see more sneak peek pics of what will be sold at the sale.  I borrowed the "about" section from the blog to give you an idea what this sale is all about.

"We started as sisters from Ohio who got "bit" by the antiquing bug thanks to our parents. Then, when we bought a farm in rural Ohio, the whole family got involved.  French Hen Farm is the big, red barn surrounded by perennial and vegetable gardens, an old willow tree, and 100 acres of farmed land.  We have semi-annual barn sales featuring everything from antiques, homemade baked goods, recycled, repurposed vintage jewelry, fresh produce, flowers,herbs and pumpkins...the list goes on and on! This blog is about the many things that inspire us here on the farm.  From everyday life to the events that we have here on the farm.  We would love to see you at our next sale!"

All of the above is right up my mom's alley and like a few other great antique sales around town, she is who first discovered French Hen Farm and got me hooked.  This is my first time attending this particular sale and I will be sure to report back with any fabulous finds!

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