I Dream of Closet Rooms

All images via Pinterest.
So I've been fantasizing for the past few months about converting my spare bedroom into a full on fabulous closet room. When I moved into my two bedroom apartment, I right away decided I would shove my bed and things into the way smaller of the two available bedrooms in order to save the large one for a closet room/dressing room/office.   Getting on Pinterest only has made this obsession worse.   I have seen so many great tutorials and pics of amazing closets, dressing rooms, closet rooms, offices, ect.   Not to mention, I am envisioning myself as Carrie Bradshaw, and telling myself I am destined to have this amazing closet room.
Ideally, I would like to start this project sometime this summer, however I am having a hard time letting go of the idea of having a guest room.   Currently I have my spare bedroom set up as a make shift dressing room, but also with a twin size daybed for over night guests, which has come in handy many times over.   However starting this blog and little earring business, has me convinced that I need a legit home office and need to also surround myself with clothes, accessories and jewels! Carrie Bradshaw would understand.   Keep you posted on any developments.

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