SisStyle Anniversary Earring Styles

Last week in this post I gushed over the fact that Sis Style had sold its 100th pair of earrings. Well over 100 pairs have sold at this point, but I wanted to debute the "100th Pair Anniversary Styles" to you!  You can shop them on the earring shopping page along with all of the other cute styles left.  I hope you like what you see!  Email sisstyleblog@gmail.com with any questions about ordering.
Melissa from ModaFresca blog wearing her "Sailor Sally" pair in another post! What a great model she is for Sis Style!


  1. Ummm...pretty sure I need the Roxy, Patty and Lola's to add to my collection STAT! I'm on FB, let's connect so we can message. ;)Oh, and BTW my stepmom got her "Sailor Sallys" and she LOVES them!!!! Thank you!

  2. Great! Im so glad she got them and likes them!!!! yeah for sure, im under Sarah Hoke on facebook