Blog Spotlight: ModaFresca

I got an email yesterday that seriously just made my day!  The owner of LOTUS boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina where my Sis Style earrings are also sold, said that they were doing very well in the store.  And that actually one of the customers who bought them featured them on her popular fashion blog: ModaFresca.  Clearly I was so thrilled and also excited to hear that because of the pics on her blog, LOTUS had more requests for that particular pair.  So I filled the special order immediately and gushed over these pics of her wearing the "Sailor Sally" pair in two separate blog posts!


  1. It is 6 am and I am purusing your blog (that a Facebook friend "shared"). Your last post with all of the amazing decor ideas sucked me in and I just kept reading about the Olsen trio, Hunger Games fashion, and then BAM I saw this post! Sweet and gentle baby Jesus, it made my day! I'd like to think the harsh bright backlight from my phone screen is making my tired eyes water, but I may just be tearing up over here. Thanks so much for the *Shout-Out*. It made my whole day! love the blog...keep on keeping on, "Sis"ter!!!

    1. YES!!! Girl me too! I was so psyched when I saw my earrings on your blog! And my regular readers loved the post about your blog and your pics, your style, ect! Thanks a million, love what your doing over there...keep on keeping on, XOXO SisStyle

    2. *tear*
      Wow...I love how two great women who live miles and miles away have now bonded and joined creative forces to help each other grow. And to think it's all over a pair of "Sailor Sally" earrings! (which are amazing btw). This really is a small example of why we do what we do. They may just be little vintage buttons to some people, but as both Mel and Sarah have shown, fashion is more about expressing your passion about life and helping others grow confident in their personal lives. You both now have gave me a lil inspiration as I head into lotus today. Can't wait til the next shipment gets here!!!!