1,2,3, DIY Burlap Wreath!

Like many, I am obsessed with Pinterest and finding inspiration for new crafts/ideas/projects.  I came across this great burlap wreath on Pinterest from this blog.  Decided I had to have it, and I already had a yard of burlap just waiting to be crafted!
So the burlap was purchased at a craft store and was on sale for about $3 a yard.  I started by cutting the burlap into long strips. Then I took a needle and thread and weaved it through out each strip which gave the "fanned" or "scrunched" effect.  Once I had all of my burlap weaved through my thread, I tied a button to the end of of it and knotted it together to keep it all in place.
I decided to use a wire dry cleaning hanger, untwist it and form it into a circle instead of going out and buying a wire wreath back.  From there I attached the circle wire frame to the back of the burlap circle by simply tying it from the thread inside the burlap to the wire circle.  Added some bows and there you have it!  So easy and inexpensive, can't wait to make more and more.

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