100 Pairs!

Towards the end of last week Sis Style sold its 100th pair of Sis Style Earrings!!!  That's over 100 pairs in about 1 months time!  I am just so so thankful for all of your love & support.  I started making the earring as a fun side project, wanted to simply have some content for my new blog, and figured maybe a few friends would want a pair.  Already about 35 different styles have sold out, with about 30 styles left to choose from. 

You girls wearing these earrings all over town, sharing with friends, and posting about them on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages has really been the recipe for my success.  I cannot thank you enough, and just hope I can continue coming up with more styles for you to love & you keep spreading the word.  Speaking of new styles....I am working on posting the new:
"100th Pair Anniversary Styles".  Stay tuned! 

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Sis! Keep up the wonderful work! Can't wait to see the new styles!