Welcome to SIS STYLE!!!

Hello!  I am so extremely excited to finally get this blog up and running.  This certainly is a whole new world to me and blogging/blog design will be a learning process.  However, I am an avid blog follower, and some of my favorite blogs are actually what gave me the inspiration to start my own.  That and Pinterest of course. #addicted.

This blog will consist of essentially everything I love: fashion, styling, interior design, crafts, DIY projects, great finds, accessories, "how to's", decorating, recipes, ect, ect.   I hope you like what you see!  Additionally you will be able to see and purchase from my very first Sis Style earring collection.

So I hope you stay tuned and join me on this journey!  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me an email at:  sisstyleblog@gmail.com .

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