The Hudson Flea on Saturday

I'm so excited to be a part of this "new-ish" Flea Market in Hudson, OH.  Come check out all of my latest findings and projects at the SisStyle tent.  I have lots of great new stuff!  See you there!

For more info and pictures visit the Flea's Facebook page.



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The SisStyle booth is located near the food trucks, booth #121.  See you there!!!


Next Weekend!


Come check out The Summer Market next weekend!    I will have some goodies at the Shabby Shore booth.    Always a great event right on the lake, with lots of really great vendors!

I'm working on getting a page on the blog with all of my past and current pieces- stay tuned!    As always, you can see posts on my Instagram: @sisstyle .  Custom orders are also available.   Email sisstyleblog@gmail.com for questions, pricing, and if you are looking for something specific.



Hello! I know its been forever since I last posted- my corporate 9-5 can some times keep me down and out.  Anyways, I have been crafting, creating, buying, and hoarding like a mad woman all summer long in my free time to build a killer haul of goods for this month's Cleveland Flea.  Hope to see you there!!!  New location this month, make sure to get there early for all the best finds!   Follow SisStyle on Instagram to see sneak peeks of some of the stuff I'm bringing.


The Cleveland Flea

SisStyle is sooo psyched to be one of the vendors at the October Flea this year!  Make sure to mark your calendars and come out to see me at the SisStyle booth this Saturday Oct 12 from 9-4pm.  Check out SisStyle on instagram for some previews of what I will be selling


Hope to see you at the Sale!   I will be right next to Shabby Shore towards the front.  We both will have lots of cute home décor, accessories, and furniture.   You also will be available to purchase SisStyle earrings and rings.  Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see sneak peeks!



This weekend SisStyle will be on the road at a barn sale in Marietta, Ohio.   Lots of vintage and reclaimed furniture, home décor, and accessories will be featured at Green Acres Gal Barn.  
Come check it out!    Friday May 31st 5:00pm-9:00pm & Saturday June 1st 9:00am-4:00pm  2021 Turkeyhen Road, Fleming, OH 45729  
Below is a little sneak peek of some of the SisStyle items that will be for sale.  I haven't had time to take more pictures, but will post pictures during and after the sale.  (Make sure you are following SisStyle on Instagram)



Image via Pinterest

Spring means busy in the world of SisStyle.    I am constantly wishing and planning to spend more time on the blog and post more things I find and love and would like to share....but more often then not I don't always get around to it.   I just updated the earring shop page with all the new spring/summer styles I have currently.   (I hope you enjoy them!)    Lately I have been busy working on refurbishing and up-cycling furniture, scouting awesome vintage pieces, and crafting up décor and more for the barn sale I am doing at the end of May. 
All of the info is here on Green Acres Gal's Facebook page.  The sale will be Friday, May 31st from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Saturday, June 1st from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The barn is right near Marietta Ohio, which is about 3 hours south of Cleveland.  So if you are looking for a fun road trip you should come check out the sale!!    I will be posting some of the things I have ready to go for it here in the next few days so please as usual, stay tuned!


New SisStyle Earrings Are In Stock!

New Styles are finally here.    I haven't updated styles in quite a while, so I am really excited about the new spring looks, and will have more new summer styles in the next month or so.    Check out all of the new earrings in stock by clicking on the shop link top right.    Order your favorites before they are out of stock!


Ikea Hack Floating Vanity

So I've had this Ikea Lack bookcase for a long time, and never got around to hanging it or mounting it to the wall.    It's been in my bedroom holding books and junk, standing upright like the picture below.     There is nothing really fancy about it, but it comes with attached mounting hardware on the back.   
 Anyways, my main need/want for my bedroom has been a small acrylic table to serve as a vanity or desk, much like this previous post.    I started thinking about my space and how I could use something I already had in order to have a desk.   Then the idea came to me to finally put my Ikea Lack shelf to good use!     So I looked online for some inspiration to see if others had mounted/hung it horizontally and how it looked.       I found this picture below as inspiration.
Above images via BH&G
But how would I go about hanging/mounting this sucker?     Enter my Dad.     I thought initially when I asked him to hang this for me- he would never agree to it simply because this thing is so heavy.     It took just a little convincing, but once he had it mounted with the provided hardware, he ended up being the one convincing me that it would be okay and secure.      I was sure I would hear it crashing down and ripping out of the wall in the middle of the night.     But by day three or four, I was convinced this floating vanity was going nowhere.  
Eventually I really started to go to town with throwing whatever I needed on and in this; not worrying about weight.    I made sure to have my dad mount it high enough for me to have a seat fit under it.    (I still need to find a cute chair or stool that I love to go with it, but for right now my dinning room chair works.)  Oh and just ignore the ugly cords. 

For  great Ikea hack ideas and projects check out the Ikea Hackers site.   You can also check out one of my past Ikea makeovers here.